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About Us

Oh! sucha vagabond(Osvag)

Oh! sucha vagabond(Osvag) is a jewelry brand, which focuses on innovation and is run by millennials.
Fashion and travel have been the two key aspects of our founders. These vagabonds travel around the world to understand the fashion trends. Since there is no substitute to a quality product the entire range is brought to life in-house using Indian expertise.
OSVAG jewellery is as captivating and unique as you. Quality and innovation inspired by creative living are the core aspects the brand holds. Design inspirations that are taken from around the globe are put together to form a product that is minimalistic yet the best in quality.

Atharva Collection

Our Summer Collection, Atharva is on the same philosophy of minimalism. Keeping in mind the harsh heat this season brings, making it uncomfortable to carry elaborate heavy weight accessories, we’ve curated a set of modern products that are trendy and light weight.
Current trends and eye for detail as well as style are encapsulated into the brand’s delicate and timeless creations.


Meghraj Collection

Our latest collection is inspired from the versatility in Bali. The country is modern in their living but has still been able to preserve their ancient history and astonishing monuments. In the same way our latest Collection Meghraj, is a blend of traditional and modern wear jewels.

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