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January Birthstone –

Garnets aren’t just the dark red jewelry. They come in a rich palette of colors: greens, oranges, pinkish oranges, deeply saturated purplish reds, and even some blues with color change. Rhodolite Garnet 3  was first discovered in the United States, in North Carolina to be exact. This is the most valuable of the red garnets. It has a lovely, vibrant purplish red hue. It can range from a purplish raspberry red to a light reddish purple. Garnet is believed to aid blood, heart and lungs and is thought to promote romantic love, passion, sensuality, and intimacy. So, if you were thinking that your January birthstone is dull and unassuming, think again!

February Birthstone – Amethyst

For any of our lovely customers celebrating their birthday this month, they surely know that their birthstone is Amethyst. For those of you who have family and friends with birthdays this month, now you know that the purple gemstone of royalty belongs to them! This gem has been found in the personal items of many kings and queens throughout the ages. Purple, known as the color of royalty, is a staple of any king or queen so Amethyst is an obvious choice for any crown or scepter!

The color spectrum of the stone can range from a dark plum color to a slight hint of lavender.

March Birthstone:

With it’s cool blue color and hue, it adds a crisp look to a new engagement ring, center stone of a beautiful pendant, or an accent to a bracelet or earrings.
Aquamarine has been known to represent a few things – purity of spirit and soul, or unity. Much like those that have March birthdays or the Zodiac sign of Pisces, it also can represent water or the sea, hence the name. Because of its flowing, peaceful energy, aquamarine has a strong ability to help move, protect, and purify your own energy and thus aids emotional healing as well as deepens meditative states.

The April Birthstone:

As the April Birthstone, Diamonds are one of the most sought after and valuable gems on Earth. For the lucky few that were born in April, you would be a fool to not have at least one piece of jewelry with your birthstone. Seen in more than just engagement rings and jewelry, the diamond is one of the most beautiful and useful natural minerals we know of! In general, diamonds are rather renowned for improving and enhancing health and beauty, intellect and coolness of mind, general good luck, artistic qualities and success, wealth and prosperity, fame and social reputation, victory over rivals and enemies, strong sexual stamina, and happy marital life.

May’s Birthstone:

Emerald is a gem that has been a staple of the jewelry industry for centuries. Representing love, fertility and rebirth, the green hues and vivid tones of the Emerald is nature’s beauty at work. The Emerald in ancient culture represented Venus, the God of love and beauty.
The importance of this birthstone is obvious, from it’s rarity and value, ancient civilizations have prized this stone for centuries. But why is it the birthstone for May? Our guess is because it has represented life and that spring-time feeling in numerous cultures. It has the ability to increase the power of reasoning and spirituality.

June’s Birthstones:
Pearl and Alexandrite

Different from most other months, June has the unique characteristic of having two different birthstones. We can see the more classic take on birthstones represented in the Pearl and a more modern view represented in the modern gemstone of Alexandrite. Either way, between Pearl and Alexandrite Jewelry, June birthdays have two really amazing gems that are unique compared to other stones.
Pearl stone is recommended for those who get angry easily and lose their temper. It removes the ill effects of moon and strengthens the mind. It helps in reducing discomforts during sleep.

July Birthstone:

One of the most famous gemstones, the Ruby, is used to celebrate the July birthday. Best known by its deep red color, the Ruby is second only to the diamond and moissanite in durability and hardness. A member of the corundum gem species, this birthstone has a lot of history and interest
Ruby stones are stones of love, passion, vitality and power. Its main chakra is the heart and has the astrological sign of Leo, Scorpio, Cancer and Sagittarius. A ruby stone encourages you to listen to your heart and work on fulfilling your dreams.

August Birthstone:

Found in lava, metorites and formed deep within the Earth’s mantle, Peridot is one of the most intense birthstones. With it’s green color and hue, this gem is said to cure nightmares and is traditionally given as a gift for a 15 year anniversary. The birthstone for August has been a top choice for jewelry since ancient times and continues to be today.
Peridots increase strength and vitality in people. They have a calming effect on the wearer. When worn as an amulet, Peridot stones are good for asthma and sinus.

September Birthstone:

Blue sapphire is one of the most popular colored stones. Blue sapphire’s hues reflect the sky’s every shade, from blazing afternoon to velvety midnight. More consumers buy jewelry adorned with blue sapphires than with any other colored stone.
Blue Sapphire has been used as an alternative healing therapy since times immemorial. In this way, blue sapphire brings clarity of thought and helps you focus in a better manner.

Vision and hearing problems can also be alleviated with the help of the gemstone.

October Birthstone:
Opal and Tourmaline

Opal’s shifting play of kaleidoscopic colors is unlike any other gem. Fine opal’s beauty is elusive and challenging to capture in words. It has been compared to fireworks, jellyfish, galaxies, lightning and volcanoes. In ancient Rome, this gem symbolized love and hope.
It is said to bring stability to marriage and improve social relations of a person overall. Medically, Opal stone is said to benefit the Endocrine System and maintain the balance of hormonal secretions. Opal stone is believed to improve the functioning of the Urinary system, especially the kidneys.
Tourmaline gem comes in a rainbow of hues, pink (the accepted color to represent October’s birthstone), blue, high-end reds, and greens adorn the showrooms of designer jewelers. The breadth of this gem’s color range is unrivalled.

Make no mistake, tourmaline is a powerful ally when your body is in need of detoxification.

November’s Birthstone:
Topaz & Citrine

Topaz is known for its calming energies, bringing warmth and fortune to those who wear it. It is said to calm tempers, cure madness and eliminate nightmares. Topaz and citrine look so similar, in fact, that they’ve often been mistaken for one another throughout history. They are actually unrelated minerals.

Citrine is the variety of quartz that ranges from pale yellow to brownish orange in color. Citrine is derived from an old French word citrine, which means “yellow”. It takes its name from the citron fruit because of these lemon-inspired shades. Citrine’s yellow hues are caused by traces of iron in quartz crystals.

Topaz soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, remotivates and aligns the meridians of the body – directing energy to where it is needed most. It promotes truth and forgiveness. Topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It is known as a stone of love and good fortune.

December’s Birthstone:
Turquoise, Zircon & Tanzanite

Turquoise is found in only a few places on earth: dry and barren regions where acidic, copper-rich groundwater seeps downward and reacts with minerals that contain phosphorus and aluminum. The color is, of course, turquoise, but this color actually varies from very green blue to light sky blue shades. The most-prized turquoise color is an even, intense, medium blue, but some people prefer a greenish blue. It is said to promote mental and spiritual clarity and expansion to enhance wisdom, trust, kindness, understanding and even good luck.
Zircon is an underrated gem that’s often confused with synthetic cubic Zirconia due to similar names and shared use as diamond stimulants. One of the best astrological benefits of white zircon is that it protects the wearer from harmful energies released by the weak planets in their horoscope. It helps in removing negative energies and boosts positivity.

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